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Therapy Services

As we are a group of counselors with diverse backgrounds in social work, certified drug and alcohol counselors, school education, licensed counselors as Masters, PhD, EdD, and MD levels, our team consults working together on both strengths and weaknesses to help create a Treatment Plan for each individual who walks through our doors. Our safe and confidential environment provides a no judgement zone where one can speak without worrying about negative consequences. There is no one size fits all approach to our counseling; in other words we incorporate many treatment modalities (CBT, DBT, Reality Therapy, 12 Step, Solution-Focused, Mindful-based, Psycho-educational, etc.) to provide what we call "Supportive Counseling".


We offer support groups for teens struggling with daily stressors; adult group which focuses on mental health issues and well-being; adult group which focuses on addictions. Coping mechanisms, relapse prevention, relaxation techniques just to name a few topics of discussion in our support groups.


Our individual sessions go into more detail as to the root of the issue and is more intensive for incorporation into the treatment plan. Our treatment plans are your goals in which we work on together and include specific steps, dates and an action plan to follow through and hold you accountable for your own treatment.


We offer family and couples counseling and encourage parents to become involved in their child’s treatment as well.


We advocate and work with other agencies, schools, and employers, because we want to see success in achieving your goals.